Residential solar

Using renewable energy to power your home or business is the most direct contribution you can make to the environment at the same time reducing your power bills for many years. An appropriately sized, well designed system can pay for itself in as little as five years at current prices. When ever increasing power bills are considered along with electric bikes and cars becoming more affordable, it means a solar system is an investment in the future that offers not only cheap power, but cheap fuel too.

A Federal Government subsidy assists solar system buyers with the creation of Small Technology Certificates. Each certificate represents 1MW of renewable energy generation. A typical subsidy on a 6KW system is around $3300 at the moment. They belong to the system owner and can be sold at any time or are usually traded for an up-front discount on a system from Solvation at time of installation. For further information you can visit:


Commercial solar

The rapid decrease in the price of solar systems at the same time as significant increases in commercial electricity tariffs has made it extremely good value for large electricity consumers to switch to solar. Commercial customers get the full benefits of the Federal STC subsidy as well as the tax benefits of investment in plant and equipment.

Solvation can provide a quick no cost feasibility assessment right through to a full site assessment including energy audit and provide detailed payback analysis. Well-designed commercial systems have a very attractive return on investment and can pay for themselves in as little as 3 to 4 years.


Upgrades and maintenance

Our extensive experience in designing and installing a wide range of equipment in many different circumstances means we can provide expert advice on the condition of your system and potential for expansion. Through our extensive industry network we can source suitable replacement or upgrade panels and inverters.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a free on-site consultation.


Battery storage

Storage systems allow excess solar power during the day to be used to power the home through the night. The revolution is just beginning and in the future, a solar package will include a battery as standard.

Solvation is accredited to install Tesla Powerwalls and LG Chem batteries. We have already installed many operating units for very satisfied customers.

However, it is very early in the product cycle and our advice to is to prepare for storage by installing an appropriately designed system that will be ready for a battery to be added later, once the product evolution has stabilized and prices have come down.

The key to being battery ready is installing the right size system now with a monitoring device to record consumption patterns so there is quality data available to make the right decision at the right time.